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Gallery - Architectural Block

Prior to any cmu work being completed, a lot of the existing cmu foundation was demoed to allow for the new regular gray and split-faced cmu to be installed for the foundation and also above finished floor.   The project also called for an accent colored split-faced cmu installed at various areas on the new wall above finished floor.


Project is located in Lansdale, PA

(2) 50 Foot long walls were constructed to connect two existing buildings.  The project involved regular gray block foundations with split-faced block installed above finished floor.  The owner also desired a design on the rear wall using an accent color split-faced block.  

Project is located in Warminster, PA.

Cmu foundations and split-faced cmu installed on the exterior walls with a portion of the building receiving manufactured stone. Interior consisted of 8” cmu walls, (2) stair towers and an elevator.


Project is located in Hatfield, PA.

(2) different colors of split-faced cmu installed on the exterior walls and the interior walls consisted of 8” gray cmu.


Project is located in New Britain, PA.

Cmu foundations created a ledge for the natural stone that was installed above grade. Project also included several walls constructed with split-faced block.  Special attention was given for the flagstone which was installed throughout the project including on the window sills, the top of walls and at various site walls on the university.


Project is located in Glenside, PA.

Split-faced cmu with decorative precast headed above the openings on the exterior of the building.

Project is located in Skippack, PA.

Split-faced cmu, colored cmu and brick exterior walls.  Walls were constructed with an accent band in the walls for a decorative look.


Project is located in Trooper, PA.

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