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New addition with a cmu foundation and new brick installed on three sides of the addition.  Top of the openings have a soldier course with a brick rowlock sill.  Project also included a brick step and small landing coming off of the addition door to the patio.

Project is located in Harleysville, PA.

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New Cmu addition with a stucco exterior and several new openings and infills in the interior of the building. New addition included Plantation Red thin brick at the base of the wall as well as full height at the new entrance.

Project is located in Souderton, PA.

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New brick addition with cmu backup. Existing weeping brick joints were grinded and repointed with a concave mortar joint.

Project is located in Collegeville, PA.

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New brick exterior addition with precast lintels and jambs.  Interior included a cmu elevator shaft.

Project is located in Hatfield, PA.

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Brick installed all the exterior walls of the building with special detail was given in construction of the corner quoins and the header above the openings.


Project is located in Perkasie, PA.

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Recipient of the 2009 Merit Construction Awards of Excellence – Best Specialty Construction – Masonry Project.  Brick and natural stone installed on the interior and the exterior of the new building.  Project included several corbeled bands and special details around the window openings with precast sills.

Project is located in Newtown, PA.

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Split-faced cmu, colored cmu and brick exterior walls.  Walls were constructed with an accent band in the walls for a decorative look.


Project is located in Trooper, PA.

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